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"I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else"

                              ~Pablo Picasso

I offer a custom repaint/faceup service for Vinyl and Resin dolls.   


I am continuing something I started in 2016, my commission list will span a 1-3 month period and will be posted on my homepage as to whether it is open or closed. I will be taking a limited amount of vinyls as I hope to still create my own OOAK's during this time, and of course will still be taking resins until I feel I have a sufficient workload. I suggest adding your name to my subscription list, and being among the first to know. Slots are limited and so I'd recommend reading the FAQ to learn more.


I'll do my best to give you the faceup you're after but please  consider

my style carefully before commissioning me. I guess my best 

attribute is my versatility, I love colour, I love working on various sculpts, and like taking on different types of looks from natural to glam to gothic.... essentially it's about creating a beautiful face and bringing your doll to life.

Just a reminder that these are handcrafted custom art works  and it's durability is not quite like that of a factory made item. Please treat your faceups with the utmost care to avoid damage.

International commissions are welcome. 

* In regards to my Artwork (paintings/drawings/etc), pricing is determined on size, supplies and estimated time needed. Shipping is not included in this quote. Contact me regarding your specific job for an estimate. Thanks!

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