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Do you have a doll related website?  Such as a blog, or making doll clothes, or some such thing? Want to trade links and help promote each other? Contact me, tell me what you're about. Cheers!

1) * A Pleasant Boutique/ Doll Fashions by Bonita C Green  ( ) -

    Beautiful classic/gothic designed outfits created from new and upcycled fabrics and adorned with beautiful

    trims for Evangeline Ghastly and other dolls that share the same body.

2) * Blythe Evolution ( ) - Offers high quality eye chips

    and has years of experience making them. She was the first to make them for Blythe and Pullip dolls.

I have personally bought from some or all of the sites listed above and recommend them(they will be marked with an asterisk *). 

A work in progress.......

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