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 Price list

  Resin Faceups

~ Commission  faceup prices are as listed below.  Payment is 50% down (non refundable) and 50% on completion. Artist Grade high quality acrylics, pastels, watercolour pencils, primers and UVA sealers are used. Hand drawn, handpainted and airbrush techniques are applied.  Doll is not provided and shipping is not included. Duty charges (if applicable) are the owners responsibility. Paypal fees have now been incorprated into the pricelist. Check out the             page.                


  * All prices are in USD *

Faceup Price list :


~  SD (adult head size 8-11")  : $105

       (Feeple60/65/70, YID/SID/EID, Leeke Art Body(Large head) 

~ MSD (teen head size 7-8") : $95

        (Minifee, Ellowyne, Evangeline, Lila Dollface, LittleGem, Goodreau, JID, DOC,

     Zaoll, etc.) 

~ YOSD  (child head size 6-7") : $85

       (USD, Littlefee, Annora, Unoa, TeenieGem, Rosette, KID/BID, etc.) 

~ PukiFee (small child head size 5-6") : $65

        (LatiYellow, RealFee, etc)

~ Tiny's (baby child head size 3-5") : $55

        (PukiPuki, Kadira, Amelia,  MiniGem, Unoa Fluorite, Elfdoll, etc )  


~ Removal of previous faceups : $15

~  Add Facial hair : $15+

~ Add Eyelashes  (if you send your own I will apply them for free) : $7

~ Add Tattoo :  $5+                                                                                                                                                                                                       

~ Add Body Blushing : $45+

      (price is for hands and feet only)

     ~ includes a natural french mani/pedi  

     ~ applies only for MSD and SD sizes (ask regarding another size/type)

     *  I would consider upper torso if owner is willing to send that part, full body is fine

        but sending  an entire doll could incur duty charges to me unless it's

        undervalued on the customs form

~ Add  Blushing to Specialty Parts :  Please ask  for a quote

     ~ applies to shoes, hats, horns, animal/fantasy parts, etc

~ Add Freckles : $6+

   (starting price based on a sprinkling across the nose onto the cheek)

~ Add Ear Piercing : $12

   (SD, MSD and YOSD only)

~ Add Ring hole Piercing : $6 each

~Modding, Colour Matching, Fantasy Parts  :    Please ask  for a quote


* I do NOT accept RECAST

* I do NOT paint black or Ebony skin tones at this time as I  do not 

      want  to incur  sealant  issues,  thx for understanding.

*  I do NOT accept resin heads/faces with eyes glued in and would prefer

        applied lashes to  already  be removed

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