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Okay here are some things that should be considered when filling out your commission form:

1) Anytime a colour choice is provided, don't just say for example blue, that isn't helpful as there are so  

    many blues to choose from.  Provide a colour example with your email copy... OR ... if you're uncertain

    and/or have no preference as to which blue then state [Blue-your choice], and I will pick a blue and

    work with that. With  the "your choice" option, there is no contradicting my choice but I do give

    progression photos so there is some minor adjusting that can be made if need be. This applies for any

    of the colour choices given.


2) So for example peacock blue was your choice, and a photo example was provided. This still doesn't

    tell me much as there are tonal choices to be considered. The tone chosen can tell me a lot about

    what your looking for. A "pale" colour tone tells me light, soft, natural. A "medium" colour tone says

    noticeable, flair, confident. A "dark" colour tone says bold, extreme, dramatic. 


3) When it comes to eyeshadow, several colours can be chosen, for example blue/pink/purple are yours.

    Where would they go? Lid, crease, browbone, inner corner, outer corner? What tones are each of the

    colours? Once again a "your choice" option can be chosen. Put all this extra info in the Extra Services

    or Details Required area near the bottom of the form.... and applies to any colour choices made.


4) Does your eye require liner? This can be thick or thin, or even nothing at all. Will the liner be applied to

    the upper? or also the lower? Will it be black, brown/ or other?


5) Lips can be done so many ways. I will always add some element of tonal variation/details with lips. I

    have several examples in my pictures so have a look. A lip can go from light to dark. There can be

    some, to full, to no lipliner... what is your choice? 


6) Brows are also important. The shape and colour can vary the look of the overall face. When a doll is

    rooted I will always do a brow that works with the haircolour she/he comes with unless otherwise

    specified. A wigged or resin doll is quite different as any haircolour could be used so a nice

    combination of colour tones can work with anything.... but.... if your doll's character will lean towards

    blonde toned wigs then I can certainly do an appropriate coloured brow.


7) One thing I do for my repaints, as I find it adds a lovely realism, is I apply a semi gloss to the eyelid and

     semi or full gloss to the lips. A light shimmer can also be added to the lid or lips, and tends to give

     the base colour a tad more of a subtle metallic look. If it's not wanted, just say so on the form.


8) I can often reuse the lashes your doll came with but sometimes a new set can really aid in making your

    doll look more custom. I have several types of lashes and colours on hand that I can use, but I am not

    a store and do not carry every type so if there is a specific style wanted I recommend including it with

    the doll/head that you have chosen to send... OR... order some and have them mailed to me asap. 


9) In hint #1 it suggested a colour example pic. This truly can be any type of picture... a repaint/faceup, a

    paint swatch,  a flower, a bird, a favourite t-shirt etc. Just tell me the colour  you like in that pic and I will

    work with that . If there is a specific fabric/outfit u want the faceup to work with send it along or

    photogragh it. Please remember that computer screens can vary the colour, and I can only work with

    what I'm seeing.


10) If your doll has painted eyes, don't only consider the eye colour, but it's direction as well. They can be

    straight on, a slight right /left glance, a hard right/left glance.... they can also have a slight upward tilt in

    any of the directions mentioned. Painted eyes also can have painted lashes (upper and lower) or

    applied lashes to upper and painted lower. 


11) If your doll is rooted and her hair is pulled away from the face, enhancing the hairline to soften and

    add more realism can be a really beautiful addition. Maybe her hair style/cut isn't the look you're after?

    I can do a number of different things, such as cut/perm/style or even add in rooted colours (fantasy or

    natural). Rerooting hair does require choosing colours and ordering and must be done at time of

    invoice and cannot be added on as a change to the commission form later.



12) While I do love creating the specific look that you're after, please understand that I am an artist and

    have to be given some leeway to create and make choices I feel will make your doll and your choices

    look their best. Changing your mind about a choice you've made after the fact because it doesn't look

    as good as you had hoped is not my fault... but...  if I think your choices in colour/application are

    strange or odd I will email to discuss further before I begin.

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