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 Price list

  Vinyl Repaints

~ Commission prices are based on the applications listed below.  Prices based on 15"-19" vinyl/plastic dolls (price may vary for other sizes).  Payment is 50% down (non refundable) and 50% on completion. Artist Grade high quality acrylics, pastels, watercolour pencils, primers and UVA sealers are used. Hand drawn, handpainted and airbrush techniques are applied.  Doll is not provided and shipping is not included. Duty charges (if applicable) are the owners responsibility. Paypal fees have now been built into the pricelist. Please check out the             page.   


* All prices are in USD *

Deluxe Spa Price list : 

Deluxe Facial Repaint & Blushing  - $209

     (includes factory faceup removal & mani/pedi)    

     ~ highly detailed compared to the basic, any colour, anyway your heart desires

     ~ blushing includes ears, nose, chin, temples, eyes,  cheeks and mouth 

     ~ applies to inset eyed dolls, male or female

   Extras :

* Add Painted Eyes  - $11

* Add Mani/Pedi  -  $21

      (includes factory paint removal)

* Add Body Blushing Enhancement (chest & hands,*feet bonus) - $40

     ~ this option cannot be applied to factory painted nails 

* Add Head opening to make eyes changeable  (vinyl) - $26

* Add Hairline Enhancement - $21

* Add Facial Hair  - $10+

* Add New Applied Lashes (for painted and inset eyed dolls) - $7

      (if lashes can be salvaged,  I am happy to reuse them at no extra cost)

* Add Haircut  - $31

   (razorcut for a softer look)

* Add  Hairstyling  - $31+

       (perming, updo's, braids, ponytails, etc)   

* Add Hair Rerooting - $67+

       (highlights, lowlights, fun colours -  hair not included in price)

* Add Tattoo  - $10+

         (price  depends on size and detail)

* Add Freckles - $6+

   (starting price based on a sprinkling across the nose and onto the cheek)

* Add Inset Eyes  - N/A

* Modding - TBD

        (case by case basis)

Basic Spa Price list :


No Longer Available

Basic Facial Repaint & Blushing (includes factory faceup removal) - $0139

  ~ This price is based on inset eyed dolls only. Painted eyes, mani/pedi,  new 

      lashes, etc are extra - see  prices listed above

 ~ Applies only to Wilde Imagination dolls ( Ellowyne & Evangeline lines)

Please note : The Basic is a simplified version of the Deluxe. Perfect for the person on a budget who wants a soft natural pretty face and doesn't mind having less detail or choices. In this scenario blushing is only applied to chin, cheeks and nose. Choose a colour for the shadow and the lips, then choose an eye colour(if applicable) and brow colour(for wigged dolls). This option is provided with the understanding that I will have free reign to create without specifics or finicky details that I have to adhere to and provide progress photos for... trust that I will create a beautiful face for your doll with the choices made. I will not make alterations, so please do not ask. If the idea of not knowing or wanting more say in the final outcome of your doll is important then the Deluxe route is the way to go. I will provide a photo once the doll is completed. Due to the nature of this simplified version OOAK cannot be guaranteed as the colour palette isn't as broad as the Deluxe.

Coming Soon...


I may be adding Pullips, Blythe and Monster High dolls to my commission list. I want to test a few OOAK's to see if the response is positive

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